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1 import launchflow as lf
3 # Automatically deploys to your cloud account
4 gcp_postgres = lf.gcp.CloudSQLPostgres("gcp-postgres")
5 aws_postgres ="aws-postgres")
7 # Ready to use with no additional setup
8 gcp_postgres.query("SELECT * FROM users")
9 # FastAPI, Flask, & Django integrations
10 aws_postgres.django_settings()

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Add Postgres and more to your existing FastAPI app.
1 import launchflow as lf
2 from fastapi import FastAPI, Depends
3 from sqlalchemy.orm import Session
5 # Resources automatically created and connected
6 postgres = lf.gcp.CloudSQLPostgres("my-database")
7 bucket = lf.gcp.GCSBucket("my-bucket")
9 # Built-in FastAPI dependencies
10 session = lf.fastapi.sqlalchemy(postgres.sqlalchemy_engine())
12 app = FastAPI()
15 def signup(db: Session = Depends(session)):
16 db.execute("INSERT INTO users ...")
17 bucket.upload("my-file", "user-data")
18 return {"message": "Signup successful"}

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