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Cloud Infrastructure Toolkit Built for
Python Developers

Use LaunchFlow's Python SDK to simplify and automate your cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure as Code Python SDK

Add cloud infrastructure to your app with just a few lines of Python

1 import launchflow as lf
2 from fastapi import FastAPI
4 # Create and connect to a Postgres database on GCP CloudSQL
5 postgres = lf.gcp.CloudSQLPostgres("postgres-db")
7 # Build and deploy this FastAPI app to GCP Cloud Run
8 service = lf.gcp.CloudRun("fastapi-service")
10 # Works with any Python framework - FastAPI, Django, Flask, etc.
11 app = FastAPI()
13 @app.get("/query")
14 def postgres_endpoint():
15 # Auto configured client libraries for all Resources
16 return postgres.query("SELECT * FROM users")

Deploy FastAPI to Cloud Run on GCP. Easily import other GCP resources like Cloud Storage, Postgres, Redis etc.

Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services

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$ lf deploy my-env --auto-approve
Why LaunchFlow

Application-level Infrastructure Types

Unify your infrastructure configuration with your application code.

Autoconfigured Resource Clients
Instantly connect to infrastructure clients that configure themselves at runtime.
API Release Management
Build, deploy, and manage your Python APIs with ease.
Multi-Environment Support
Replicate your app’s infrastructure with zero code changes.
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import launchflow as lf
instance_count = 0
db_class = "t2.micro"
if lf.environment == "staging":
instance_count = 1
if lf.environment == "prod":
instance_count = 2
db_class = "m2.large"
$ lf deploy {env}


API Iconinstance_count=0
API Icondb_class="t2.micro"


API Iconinstance_count=1
API Icondb_class="t2.micro"


API Iconinstance_count=2
API Icondb_class="m2.large"

Simple, Secure
Team Collaboration

Share cloud environments that contain your configuration, secrets, and deployments.

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Deploy from GitHub

Automatically deploy when you push to GitHub

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Better Console UI

View infrastructure and logs across environments

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Audit Logs

See the "who" and "how" for every update

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RBAC Security

Role-based access control for every environment

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