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LaunchFlow Drag-n-Drop Editor

Build your system in record time

LaunchFlow was designed with common use cases in mind. Most users productionize their system the same day they start.


seconds to deploy your first application


lines of code to support most use cases


different cloud providers supported


connectors and growing

Integrated VSCode Extension

The LaunchFlow VSCode Extension combines the best of local and remote development.

Use the extension to quickly build a system template tailored to your use case, then test locally or deploy to the cloud with a single click.

LaunchFlow VSCode Extension
Infrastructure from Code

Infrastructure from Code

Automatically provision cloud infrastructure from your application's code.

Our connectors integrate with Pulumi to automatically keep your infrastructure in sync with your application code. You can manage infrastructure across multiple cloud providers via the LaunchFlow VSCode Extension.

100% Serverless

Everything in the LaunchFlow ecosystem is serverless by default.

No need to worry about servers, containers, or clusters. Just write your application code and let LaunchFlow handle the rest.

100% Serverless

What can you build with LaunchFlow?

Our VSCode extension is preloaded with production-ready templates for real-time IoT, Machine Learning, and Security applications.

Serverless ML Infra

Train & Deploy a ML model to serve predictions for both real-time and batch use cases.

Your model will automatically scale up to handle any size workload, and scale down during periods of low usage.

IoT & Security

Ingest & analyze large amounts of data (application logs, events, etc.) from a variety of sources.

It only takes a few lines of Python code to integrate with your existing systems.

Real-time Apps & Apis

Serve real-time data to your users with sub-second latency.

Supports both Websockets and HTTP.

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